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Blockchain standards for the Music Industry

Allfeat is the next generation EVM+ Layer 1 blockchain designed for the music industry, onboarding all music stakeholders in the web3 revolution.

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Music Industry Decentralized Data Structures

Allfeat offers on chain modules specifically designed for the music industry

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Artist Profile

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Music Release

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Music Governance

MIDDS are designed to store and manage music-related data in a decentralized manner for the music industry. They enable traceability and ownership, providing a secure and transparent way to manage music assets.

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Artist Profile Graph

The Artist Profile goes at the heart of the decentralized music network, where app creators can develop and connect their projects.

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Music Applications Ecosystem

Allfeat interconnects music dApps and provides a consolidated music infrastructure.

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Allfeat has you covered.

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Substrate/Rust Core Blockchain

At the heart of the Allfeat blockchain lies a powerful and efficient core, meticulously crafted in Rust with the help of the Substrate framework.

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On chain Artists and Releases

Allfeat is a decentralized directory, maintaining artist profiles and music details on the blockchain. It functions as a distributed ledger, preserving data within the blockchain network.

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Smart Contract Support

We support the deployment and execution of smart contracts, enabling developers to create decentralized applications with complex business logic.

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Decentralized Music Governance

We incorporate a DAO that facilitates decision-making across the network by engaging all stakeholders from the music community and beyond.

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EVM+ Compatibility

We offer compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), allowing for seamless migration of Ethereum-based dApps and services, this is what we call an EVM+.

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Validator Nodes

Our platform offers opportunities for users to participate as validator nodes, securing the network and earning rewards in return through a Nominated Proof-Of-Stake consensus.

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Decentralized Music Governance

Allfeat is secured by a decentralized governance where artist, communities, and industry stakeholders collaborate.

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